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    In foreign trade there are no ready solutions, each client needs its custom project that meets the particularity of its market, with adequate logistics and taxation, and better cash flow. With professionals from major companies and extensive experience in years structuring and performing the most varied types of operation, Multiplier Trade is able to offer, with flexibility and agility, customized solutions that go far beyond the import and export. All operations are studied in committee and closely monitored by tax experts, lawyers and also by the partners. Only from the joint approval, strategic decisions are taken.

    “For us every customer is unique and will always be treated with exclusivity
    and professionalism. Here the impossible doesn’t exist, we do things happen.
    Count on Multiplier! ”

    Multiplier divides its operations into three major business models


    Structure the operation managing the entire chain, from development and accreditation of the industry/ producer/ exporter, until the import and / or export, sale, distribution and after-sales.


    It provides services to companies that already have suppliers and / or customers for its products acting on the tax structuring and logistics, always seeking the best cost and performance for the operation.


    It operates in all stages of the chain developing the supplier in a customized way, with the right product and in accordance with the needs of each client.


    One of the main features of Multiplier is the total flexibility to the customize operations according with the customer needs. With license to import and export all kinds of products, Multiplier Trade facilitates the opening of new businesses.

    Also acts in planning and implementation of specific projects with partial or full management of operational trading activities. The goal is that the client stay focused on their main business, leaving to the Multiplier the charge of the integration of the import and export process, because this is the best way to reduce costs and increase efficiency and competitiveness in foreign trade. Thus gives customers greater certainty on issues such as: the quality, deadlines and financial and tax risks.

    Multiplier Trade is strategically installed with several offices in Brazil and abroad and also has excellent relationship with partners around the world.



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