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    1º step

    It’s necessary to enable the company in the system of federal revenue, the Siscomex, popularly known RADAR.

    2º step

    Identify the product, feedstock, raw material or adequate equipment and suppliers in their country of origin, seeking quality and cost.

    3º step

    Recognize the best import mode, internal logistics, tax classification of the product, proper tax planning in order to have the lowest cost in the entire chain, that is, the product pricing.

    4º step

    To hire a customs broker, a charge agent, a broker of exchange and a professional able to track the entire process, in order not to lose the legal deadlines resulting in fines and extra expenses.

    5º step

    Trade agreement and payment to the exporter through exchange closing via central bank

    6º step

    Shipment organization through hired professionals.

    7º step

    After the arrival of the ship, preparation and register of the import declaration (ID) with their payments expenses, freight and taxes, wait for the parameterization of the ID and follow the release of the shipment with the issue of IV (Import Voucher).

    8º step

    Prepare the ship removal  from the customs and its logistics, with the hiring of warehouse and transport suitable for the product type with the respective invoice entry of imported products.


    Multiplier Trade is able to act at all stages of import, simplifying the process, carrying out all necessary studies and correctly applying the rules for the adjustment of the tax classification with the lowest tax burden. In this way, clients interact only with an operator and have time to invested in their own business.



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